Electric Vehicles Newcastle | Ecospin Raptor
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Ecospin Raptor



We are proud to introduce the Ecospin Raptor, an all-electric powered stand-on vehicle revolutionising urban personal/personnel mobility.

Some examples where the Ecospin Raptor has been used:

  • Security Site Patrolling,
  • High Visibility Police Patrolling,
  • Events Management Support,
  • Shopping Mall/Hotel Management/Security,
  • Ambulance/Paramedic Deployment,
  • Defence Industry Deployment,
  • Perimeter Inspection/Patrolling,
  • Postal/Parcel Delivery,
  • Large Manufacturer Site Personnel Conveyance,
  • Airport Personnel Conveyance,
  • Wheelchair Conveyance/Retrieval,
  • Parking Patrol/Enforcement,
  • Car Park Security Patrol,
  • Zoo Keepers, Park Keepers,
  • Garden Keepers/Management,
  • Marina Customer Support/Conveyancing,
  • Theme Park Management/Personnel Conveyance