Electric Vehicles Newcastle | The Swift
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The Swift



The Swift Adaptive Electric Single Rider is much more than a golf car. It is your personal companion, transporting you comfortably and safely around the course and then it becomes your special platform to select your best hitting position.



  • Operates on greens and tees without damaging turf
  • Deluxe Adaptive captain seat swivels, extends forward, back and locks into position. Power lifts and lowers the player into position. This seat has a hydraulic lift on it and can actually put the user in a standing position if needed.
  • Standard Adaptive seat swivels, extends forward, backward and locks into position. Does not lift or lower
  • Play standing or sitting. Select the optimum seat position for you
  • Standard, intuitive ergonomic hand controls. Special Controls are available.
  • Powerful drive system easily climbs the steepest, roughest terrain on your course
  • Automotive suspension for a smooth, comfortable, stable ride
  • Options available to customise your cart to your personal tastes and needs