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— FourStar Golf Cruiser

— FourStar Golf Cruiser


GOLFERS will do just about anything to continue playing their favourite game and one of the very good choices for older players experiencing some injury or mobility issues is a single seat electric cruiser.

The FourStar Golf Cruiser, which has recently undergone a number of enhancements, is one such vehicle and is one of the most popular options for those needing a bit of help getting around the course.

Designed and built with golf in mind, the FourStar Cruiser is small, nimble, light and powerful and allows golfers to cruise around the course with ease and comfort.

Golfers can remain mobile and increase their speed of play. A big benefit is that being a single seater a golfer can concentrate on playing their own ball. You’re not in a cart zig zagging all over the course looking for another’s ball. (It can be even worse if you’re on a course that restricts double seater carts to designated pathways and you’re having to walk back and forth from balls with three clubs in hand because you’re not sure of the distance.)

ASG pays regularly with a couple of older golfers who have purchased FourStar Cruisers in recent years and both are delighted with their vehicles. One had knee surgery that threatened his playing future while the other had some overall health issues that made some sort of motorised transport solution a must.

We were amazed that one of our playing partners was able to fit his cruiser, with the help of just a couple of ramps, into the back of what is only a small-sized station wagon.

The other only lives 500 metres or so from the course so it’s just a matter of out of the garage and down the footpath to the club. None of that time consuming and annoying packing and unpacking of golf clubs. The cruisers can also be transported easily by a Tilt-Carrier, Aluminium ramps or trailer.

With just a couple of ramps Tony McRae from Jamberoo Golf Club has no trouble getting his Cruiser into the back of what is only a small/medium size station wagon.
With just a couple of ramps Tony McRae from Jamberoo Golf Club has no trouble getting his Cruiser into the back of what is only a small/medium size station wagon.

Once at the course the FourStar Golf Cruiser is a breeze to operate. They’re actually fun to ride so you don’t really need an extra reason to add one to your golf game other than to increase overall enjoyment. We all know that as you get on a bit the fresher your feel the better you play.

Features Include:

  • Extremely low maintenance and low operating & recharging costs.
  • Zero pollution & quiet operation.
  • Wide wheels/tires. No golf course or lawn damage.
  • Front & rear shock absorbers with new Fish-tail seats for extra ride comfort.
  • New helical cut gears for smooth and quiet operation.
  • Delivery Australia-Wide, with a full range of spare parts and optional extras.
  • Distributor/Dealer network for all parts, servicing and maintenance needs.
  • Powerful electric motor: 1000w, 36V, low noise.
  • Forward and reverse with 2 speed shift, for walking and fairway speeds.
  • Climbing angle: 25 degrees.
  • Re-charging time: 6 – 8 hours.
  • Driving time: 5-6 hours after a full charge, or 36 holes of golf.
  • Foldable for car storage and transport.[133 cm L x 86 cm W x 56 cm H when folded]
  • 106 kg Golf Cruiser weight.
  • Transmission via steel sprocket and chain drive.
  • Maximum load of rider & golf equipment, 150 kg.
  • Rear hydraulic disc brake and locking handbrake.
  • Latest sealed gel batteries [36V 6 pcs of 12V 20AH].
  • A variety of colours: Black, Blue, White, Red, Green, Orange, Silver.


The company says over the past four years some 30 quality and performance improvements have been made to the FourStar Golf Cruiser (including Japanese quality, quiet, lubrication free bearings, motorcycle drive chain, dirt guard, gearbox, helical drive gears among others).

As of September 2016 new models will also have the following major enhancements:

  1. Battery Charger

A new Power Focusing Technology Smart Charger, is now available and is made especially for the FourStar Golf Cruiser. It will be standard equipment on all new golf cruisers from September 2016.

It offers automatic sensing of the state of charge of the batteries, and can be left on indefinitely to charge the batteries and maintain them in tiptop condition. This will also take the guesswork out maintaining the batteries, extending their life, and avoid under or overcharging them. It also eliminates the need for a timer switch and/or monitoring the batteries being charged.

  1. Electrical Controller

In addition to the new battery charger, all FourStar Golf Cruisers will be fitted with Curtis Controllers from spring 2016. Curtis are the world leading brand of electrical controller, and apart from reliability and widely recognised quality, they will offer automatic down-hill braking, increasing safety and vehicle control, and reducing brake pad wear.

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